Skipping ahead for now, we spent this past weekend catching up on a list of items that need attention after the long re-positioning trip from San Diego.   Some of the items require expert help, other items just require basic (read -entry level) mechanical and electrical skills.

One item required someone skilled in stainless steel welding.   Nordhavns are really tough boats, the line that gets used often is that in bad conditions, the crew will give up long before the boat does – and we experienced that during one of the legs of the trip when the crew ran into really bad weather our forecaster had missed.  The crew finally found a sheltered anchorage and waited out the storm.  The next morning they inspected the boat and discovered that a weld on the support structure for our hardtop cover over the fly bridge and snapped clean.




At our next two stops we searched for a first class welder but did not find anybody we felt good about and decided to wait till we got the boat to it’s winter home in Florida.  Once safety in port in Florida we got the recommenced vendor list from the gang at Nordhavn and reached out to Accurate Metalworks to arrange the fix.

Hauling the necessary equipment from the truck to the fly-bridge and getting everything setup took longer than the actual repair job.  Up to the fly-bridge went a large tank of argon gas, the electric welding rig, various hoses, clamps, protective gear, and a long extension cord to pull power from our 50 amp dock  pedestal up to  the welding rig.  Add in a small step ladder, welding rods, electric buffer, and a couple of bags of various tools and implements and we got quite a workout helping to haul all that stuff up to the fly-bridge



My first task, locate the bonding  link between the support structure and the rest of the boat and disconnect it.  Did not want stray current wandering through the boat and messing up the electronics.



Once that was done we turned off all the power and shut off all the circuit breakers just as an additional cautionary measure.

Some of the equipment looked more like video game gear. IMG_1684

Welding away



Finished product before polishing


Most of the polishing done, fly-bridge cover now back to full secure mode.



Put the bonding links back and re-power the boat.  1 project off the list!