The trip begins

After pulling LFB out of boat yard (finally) the crew spent about a week going through a long list of items to prepare for the first leg of the trip.  Plan was to head out [...]

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My first Nordhavn 62

Downloaded some pictures from my phone this weekend and discovered a couple of pictures I took August 7, 2009. A little background.  As mentioned in an earlier post, I first fell in love with the [...]

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N5516 Gets a New Name

One of the big decisions - what should we name our new acquisition.  For years, as leader of the bird brains I'd developed and hosted a website called Large Flightless Birds, whose mission in life [...]

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LFB Gets Ready to Head Back to The Water

The new shaft and coupler is on the way from Michigan.  The bottom has been painted, the thursters all cleaned up.  Hydraulic cooler has been refitted but we are still waiting on the keel cooler [...]

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Some Pictures From The Survey

We discovered a flash drive with a treasure trove of pictures that will help illustrate the story going forward.  These are some of the pictures taken during the survey process in August of 2015 N5516 [...]

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The Story of The Davit

The evening before the survey we learned that the davit was inoperable and as a result we would not be able to test the dingy.  We did received a promise that the seller would fix [...]

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