LFB Gets Ready to Head Back to The Water

The new shaft and coupler is on the way from Michigan.  The bottom has been painted, the thursters all cleaned up.  Hydraulic cooler has been refitted but we are still waiting on the keel cooler to return.  So the engineer continues work on the inside.  With some various tricks, including heat he gets each of [...]

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Some Pictures From The Survey

We discovered a flash drive with a treasure trove of pictures that will help illustrate the story going forward.  These are some of the pictures taken during the survey process in August of 2015 N5516 as she lay at the slip on the morning of the survey   Headed to the boat yard to continue [...]

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The Story of The Davit

The evening before the survey we learned that the davit was inoperable and as a result we would not be able to test the dingy.  We did received a promise that the seller would fix the davit and any items we found with the dingy once we were able to fully inspect and operate it.   [...]

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Progress . . . And Trouble

Bottom painted, blocked up in a corner of the boat yard; work was well underway on the various issues related to the cooling and leaks.  We also closed the book on a potential item.  During the survey the team from ABT came in to take a look at the complete hydraulics package and the stabilizers.   [...]

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The Work Begins

The plan – paint the bottom, pull the keel cooler for the main engine and the hydraulics.  Get all of the thru-hull handles working.  Pull the propeller and get it balanced, pull the main shaft and determine if it’s toast.  Figure out what’s wrong with the davit and get it working.  Change every filter and [...]

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But its all the way in San Diego. . .

  After years of looking and about 6 months of serious searching we decided to pursue one of the first N55's we got really interested in, N5516, named Starfish.  Just one problem (well, actually there were many problems, but...) the boat was docked in San Diego and we wanted the boat, at least for a few [...]

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The Search for The Boat

After almost 10 years of research, we decided early in 2015 to speed up our search for a Nordhavn .  We narrowed it down to two models, the N55 & the older N57.  Both models had features in their favor but our preference was a N55.  In October of 2014 I had flown out to [...]

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