The new shaft and coupler is on the way from Michigan.  The bottom has been painted, the thursters all cleaned up.  Hydraulic cooler has been refitted but we are still waiting on the keel cooler to return.  So the engineer continues work on the inside.  With some various tricks, including heat he gets each of the thru-hulls working and carefully retags them all.  He takes the sea chest apart and cleans all the various strainers, hoses and valves.   The A/C is working but one of the shore power cords is toast (turns out they connectors are not supposed to get wet).  We fit an iridum go! device, with external antenna – it will provide access to satellite phone and text messages and provide support for our sailmail email system while underway.   This boat is full of equipment and the working conditions, without A/C are confining and difficult

engine room 20150910_151151


Finally the new shaft and coupler arrive and we schedule the boat yard’s crew to install and test.  (Despite our concerns about the boat yard management team, the workers/staff are terrific and we are pleased to be working with them).  Once the shaft is installed and aligned, the prop is installed and gets a very expensive coat of prop-speed.  Then a new zinc is installed at the end of the shaft.







In this picture you can see the hydraulic cooler has been re-connected.

IMG_1083 - Copy


Down in the engine room the dry stack exhaust gets a new blanket, the old one was falling apart.  The engine room looks much better with this completed.

new exhaust piping