One of the big decisions – what should we name our new acquisition.  For years, as leader of the bird brains I’d developed and hosted a website called Large Flightless Birds, whose mission in life was to catalog and celebrate All Things Absurd.    We realized that in a world that is more and more focused on speed, buying a large boat that went very, very slow might be considered an act of Absurdity.  Besides, our founder needed a sea-going platform to continue his life’s work (see the Our Story tab for more information).  So without much debate Large Flightless Birds became the choice.  We also quickly decided that we would use Scottsdale AZ as our home port.

Despite our issues with the local machine shop we wanted to deal with local craftspeople in the San Diego area as much as possible.  Mike Flores with the Graphix Group in San Diego came highly recommended and their shop was just down the street from the boat yard and he worked closely with our designer in NC, Mark Brown to plan and schedule the necessary work.

First  Mark provided Mike with rough outlines of the design ideas and they worked together to size the art work and agree on locations.  Mark has been a careful steward of the LFB brand so color, font and placement were carefully planned.


Go with this?



Or one of these?

What about the transom design?




Once the key decisions had been made, the next order of business was to pull off all of the old graphics.  N5516 had proudly carried the Starfish colors for 9 years and she did not give up her old graphics without a fight.





and Starboard


But the graphix team did a good job and soon she was a blank canvas ready for her new vinyl.IMG_1086

The transom has our name, home port and a logo


The sides have the name and logo on the side under the pilothouse and our seal on each side near the cockpit.



The Graphix team even did the new life ring.


After a short ceremony thanking Neptune for his grace we began the work of purging the old name from all of the internal surfaces.   That proved to be a much bigger task than we realized.

If you are interested in reading about the Large Flightless Birds re-positioning trip from the viewpoint of a crew member make sure you read Life’s Big Voyage