Years ago, a friend introduced me to a quote by Will Durant, “Civilization exists by geological consent; said consent may be withdrawn without notice.”

That is what has happened to our plans for Large Flightless Birds.  The consent we thought we had agreed to with the Universe has been withdrawn and so it is with deep sadness (leavened by a small dose of excitement for what might happen next) that we place Nordhavn 5516 back into the hands of the market.  She has been a good ship, faithfully and safely bringing the crew from San Diego through the Panama Canal and up to Florida, the Bahamas and North Carolina.

We will continue to offer LFB up for charters until the boat is under contract.   Our schedule for May and June is full but we have slots available starting in July.  If interested in a charter reach out on our contact page and we will get back to you.

The boat is listed with Andy Hegley at Nordhavn, the same gentleman who was our guide on the long path to acquire N5516.  Reach out to him if you are interested in purchasing LFB.

Cheers to all,