Sunday morning

   Sunday morning.    Matthew has left us. Conditions in the marina never got really bad. Lots and lots of rain, but the wind never got really bad,saw some gusts in the 40s. I walked the docks this morning  and it appears everybody here came through in good shape. The construction areas around the marina [...]

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Storm surge is a real thing

Local media is reporting the river in Wilmington is already up six or 7 feet. The rain slacked off for a few minutes so I headed out to take a few pictures This is what things look like on the dock just a few hours ago. Now the dock has floated up several feet At [...]

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The Coast Guard Arrives

It has been relatively quiet and calm for most of the morning. Occasional bands of gusty winds and some rain that does not last very long.    Current forecast is that inland areas are going to get much more rain than those of us closer to the coast. But about an hour and a half [...]

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Matthew Is Coming

    Hurricane Matthew is heading our way. During the hurricane season our insurance company wants us  north of the Florida Georgia line.   After our  Bahama trips we settled in to our slip at the new port city marina in Wilmington North Carolina  on the Cape fear River. With news that Matthew was heading [...]

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