Hurricane Matthew is heading our way. During the hurricane season our insurance company wants us  north of the Florida Georgia line.   After our  Bahama trips we settled in to our slip at the new port city marina in Wilmington North Carolina  on the Cape fear River. With news that Matthew was heading toward LFB we started prepping for the storm. Our on-site captain pulled our heaviest duty lines out of our lockers  and use them to double up all of our connections to our floating dock.     Pulled  The shade covers off the pilot house windows, took down our flags and pendants, and stored all of our cushions and chairs and anything loose inside.

I drove down from Winston Salem  Friday evening with food, ice, and concert DVDs to watch if we lose our television connection.

When I arrived it was clear that port city had become a haven. Lots of new boats taking shelter, met a number of people on the docks prepping for the storm.   Will keep an eye on each other and are prepared to render assistance if needed. The slip next to me is open but the nighttime security guard told me the Coast Guard is planning to put one of their boats  in sometime Saturday. As I write this no sign of them yet, but if it does get here it’s comforting to know that help will be five steps away.

These were the conditions when I settled in last night:



Wind wasn’t bad, bands of heavy rain interspersed with not much wind and no rain

Saturday morning I awoke to this:



Overnight saw some gusts in the mid 30s range.   It’s forecasted to get worse as the day progresses, seeing bands of very heavy rain  and local weather are already tracking signs of tornadoes inland.

Once the light came up I double checked the lines to see how we were sitting.



Coast Guard just showed up, of course right in the middle of the worst rain and wind we’ve seen so far. More about them on the next update