It has been relatively quiet and calm for most of the morning. Occasional bands of gusty winds and some rain that does not last very long.    Current forecast is that inland areas are going to get much more rain than those of us closer to the coast. But about an hour and a half ago we had a really heavy band of wind and showers come through, and in the middle of it I heard some loud voices.   I thought one of my neighbors might be having problems with their lines so I stuck my head outside to find that a Coast Guard rescue boat with a crew of five were backing into the slip next to me.  Great to know they are close,  if things get ugly they should be able to see my flare!

I offered to help with lines but they assured they had things well under control… and they did.   Professional and pleasant, the five young men quickly had the boat into the slip  and  safely, and extensively tied down. Here’s what it looks like: