Hydraulics – ABT and Nordhavn come through again

The Spring schedule has been busy.    We spent much of the spring continuing the sorting process for  LFB, fine tuning the AC, stabilizers, auto pilot,  electrical system., etc.  A few weeks ago we picked up some guests in North Palm Beach and ran them over to West End with a final drop off in Marsh Harbour. Boat [...]

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Another Day in the Marina . . .

We had a trip coming up to the Bahamas and had a few items on our to-do list.  So the captain and I compared notes and split up some of the work.  First on the list was to check out some work we had done while we were away from the boat. On the long positioning trip [...]

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The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men

Years ago, a friend introduced me to a quote by Will Durant, “Civilization exists by geological consent; said consent may be withdrawn without notice.” That is what has happened to our plans for Large Flightless Birds.  The consent we thought we had agreed to with the Universe has been withdrawn and so it is with [...]

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A day in the life (Continued)

We have a number of tasks that we handled ourselves.  The immediate focus was replacing one of our Furuno RD30 units.  We have a number of these units and they are usually bullet proof.  We have one unit on the fly-bridge, one in the owners cabin and several in the pilot house.  They are tied [...]

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A day in the life at our Marina

Skipping ahead for now, we spent this past weekend catching up on a list of items that need attention after the long re-positioning trip from San Diego.   Some of the items require expert help, other items just require basic (read -entry level) mechanical and electrical skills. One item required someone skilled in stainless steel welding. [...]

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We hit something. . . HARD (Or those guys at ABT are Terrific!)

After a few repairs in Cabo (and more than a few beers), and after the pacific settled down once Hurricane Patricia made a hard right turn into Mexico the crew continued their track south. Plan was to head down to Puerto Chiapas and check out of Mexico, then continue down to Costa Rica and camp [...]

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The Cabo Experience

So the crew and LFB are safely into San Jose del Cabo Marina.  As our Nordhavn friend had predicted, they always have room in that Marina. The Marina was very well done, great slips and great support. With a tropical storm brewing along the south pacific coast it looked like the team was going to [...]

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The first leg of the trip: San Diego to Ensenda . . and beyond

The first leg of the trip: San Diego to Ensenda  . . and beyond   So the plan was to leave San Diego early in the morning and make a quick 8 hour run to Ensenda as sort of a final trial of all the work on the boat, check into Mexico and then continue [...]

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The trip begins

After pulling LFB out of boat yard (finally) the crew spent about a week going through a long list of items to prepare for the first leg of the trip.  Plan was to head out of San Diego early one morning, get to Ensenada on Saturday, clear into Mexico and then immediately head further south [...]

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My first Nordhavn 62

Downloaded some pictures from my phone this weekend and discovered a couple of pictures I took August 7, 2009. A little background.  As mentioned in an earlier post, I first fell in love with the Nordhavn line when an article about the NAR and a great picture of a N62 crossed my desk.   I [...]

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