The end of this story

Today I said goodbye to N5516, Large Flightless Birds.  When this story began 12 years ago I knew it would eventually come to an end.   And when we acquired N5516 in August of 2015 I [...]

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The Journey to Florida

Saturday, December 31, 6am local time.  Sun not up, its cold but no breeze.  The crew does another check of all the engines and starts firing up the systems.   Everything checks out, we disconnect [...]

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Time to Relocate for the Winter – The Prep

Our insurance company prefers (strongly) that we stay out of Florida during Hurricane Season.  So this summer we set up shop at the Port City Marina in Wilmington NC and got hit by Hurricane Matthew. [...]

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Sunday morning

   Sunday morning.    Matthew has left us. Conditions in the marina never got really bad. Lots and lots of rain, but the wind never got really bad,saw some gusts in the 40s. I walked [...]

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Storm surge is a real thing

Local media is reporting the river in Wilmington is already up six or 7 feet. The rain slacked off for a few minutes so I headed out to take a few pictures This is what [...]

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The Coast Guard Arrives

It has been relatively quiet and calm for most of the morning. Occasional bands of gusty winds and some rain that does not last very long.    Current forecast is that inland areas are going [...]

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